Ram Charan Tej’s Dhruva Review: Intelligent Suspense Thriller

Ram Charan Tej’s Dhruva Review: Intelligent Suspense Thriller

Ram Charan Tej’s Dhruva Review

Filmievents Rating: 3.5/5.

Lead Cast: Ram Charan Tej, Rakul Preet singh and Aravind swamy

Director: Surender Reddy.

Music: HipHop Tamizha.

Movie Review:

Enthralling 1st Half –

Movie springs on with a flashback note on Posani Krishna Murali as a selfless party member and a sincere follower of Nassar, a popular political party head.

As the election time follows, Nassar will be inculpated by a party member for being racial in selecting the candidates. This leads to dispute between them, which end up as Nassar lethally hits him.

Witnessing the critical situation outside; he pleads Posani to be the convict for the death, promising to educate his son. Instead the kid (Aravind swamy) proposes for electing his father as MLA for taking accuses on him and it’s followed.

Introduction Part –

Dhruva (Ram Charan Tej) will be a trainee police officer who patrols at nights for criminals along with his friends unofficially. First action element in the movie hits screening chasing and thrashing scenes on a chain snatching gang intellectually by him.

Ishika (Rakul Preeth Singh) is the daughter of a Senior Police Officer and trainee batch mate of Dhruva. The nostalgia of the love track is another entertaining element for the movie.

Suspense Base –

Aravind executes a Jr. Pharmacist for suggesting to reveal the criminal play behind his researches, which turns out as a maze supposing him to demolish all the proofs and witnesses of it.

Nerving Interval bang –

Suspense carried on to the post interval part as Charan is shot with bullets in the chest.

Engaging 2nd Half –

As the movie takes leap with the suspense part, Siddharth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy) with his crooked mind game plays with Dhruva continuously.

Dhruva retreats in depression, unable to sort out the reason for his fails. The counterpart in the suspense starts when he identifies the vocal chip inside his chest.


The action sequences on the leads Ram Charan and Aravind Swamy, Rakul’s sizzling appearance, Navdeep’s involved action and Posani’s hilarious comic touch to the script resulted in an entertaining play for audience. With his machismo look of extremely toned abs, Ram charan  perfectly resmbeled the cop style.

However Dhruva is an off the routine play with an engaging suspense that's worth watching today.

Plus Points:

*Abhimanyu and Dhruva’s consequential counter actions and suspense.

*Rakul Preeth’s appealing portray in songs.

*Navdeep and Co-actors stringy action in their roles.

*Uncompromised Production values.

*Action sequences on Ram charan and Aravind swamy.

*HipHop Tamizha’s perfect BGM and music sync.

Minus Points:

*Routine flicks from the native part.

*Least comedy elements.

*Dragged first 15 min of 2nd half.

Bottom Line:

A stylish portray of an intelligent suspense thriller.