Highlights in Khaidi No. 150’s Single Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu

Highlights in Khaidi No. 150’s Single Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu

Earlier released a stunning trailer of Khaidi No. 150 revived the stamina of Megastar Chiranjeevi in Tollywood back to form.

As we know, with the remake choice Megastar seemed to be less dicey expecting a positive result for his prestigious 150th movie. Incidentally, Khaidi No. 150 audio stands to be the most waited in Tollywood.

So, finally as the promo bit of Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu released into official YouTube channel of Lahari Music, buzz intensifies on zeroing every particular in the Audio.

Highlighting the aspects of this Party Bomber, here is a verse of Tollywood fans on “Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu” in Tenglish..,

*"Thammudu let's Do Kummudu", after a long while Chiranjeevi lent his voice bits in these single intensifying the craze on the audio lately.

*"Ammadu Let's Do kummudu", sizzling beauty Kajal Agarwal popular as the astonishing dancer would definitely match the grace of Megastar for this music.

*"Yerra chokka Rap, Galla Lungi Trend", the earlier released poster of the promo song received good and bad feedback from everyone. However, now the song would answer all their curious nerves on it.

*"Instagram Profile Picture laaga bhaley Masthundey nee Costume", the uncompromised production values of the movie is completely visual in the costumes, attire and the Grandness of sets.

*"This is not a Mass song, This is a Boss song", truly this song seemed to be composed intending to hype the expectations of Boss movie.

*"DSP music Racha bahuth achaa", song portrayed as a Devisri Prasad mark Party bomber which even was lyrics by him.

*"Vendi thera Natarju malli vachesaadu, pillaluu thapkondammaa", his dance moments in this would definitely mesmerize any cinephile, just in a glance over his grace which he is popular for.

*"Thammudu Pawan kudaa Let's do kummudu antey untundiiii", tentatively his followers expect Pawan Kalyan brother of chiranjeevi to step with Chiru in a pecuilar line sung by Megastar in the track. It would definitely give a double impact to the movie collections if placed says fans.

However, just like the teaser this single would resonate everywhere on social media and musical-treats now.

What are you waiting for,.. Listen the song, Loop the track, Hopp to dance right now....!!!