Guru Telugu Movie Review: Venkatesh Toughest Come-Back

Guru Telugu Movie Review: Venkatesh Toughest Come-Back

Movie: Guru Telugu Movie
FilmiEvents Rating: 3.5/5.

Among all those Senior Actors in TFI, Victory Venkatesh is the one who has always been altering the bounds of commercial Telugu cinema with versatile roles and stories. As of now, he’s back with a bang on Non-Commercial emotional sports drama Guru. Earlier the movie was directed by Sudha Kongara Prasad in Tamil-Hindi as Irudhi Suttru & Saala Khadoos and then being remade as Guru starring Venkatesh and Ritika Singh.

However, as this Blockbuster Tamil version Remake hit the screens on 31st March. Here is the exclusive Guru Telugu Movie Review & Rating.

Guru Telugu Movie Review & Rating

Guru Story:-
*A Professional Boxer who turned out as an Aggressive Boxing Coach marks up an aim to find a girl who totally surreals hid wish of bringing a gold medal to the nation. What made the coach choose a slum resident? Why did he leave boxing? What are the conflict situations they faced off the ring? Frames the story entirely.

*Aditya Rao (Venkatesh) is introduced as a veteran boxer who failed to get a medal duet to the subjugations of Corrupt Boxing Association policies. As he quits boxing and couldn’t find any Jobbery Adi’s wife leaves him for another man.

*Rameswari – Ramudu (Ritika Singh) is the younger ones of Lakshmi – Lux (Mumtaz Sorcor) who eagerly works on to get into police academy referring through her 8 year boxing career.

*Aditya moves on to Vishakapatnam facing false allegations of Sexual Harassment back in his premises. Meanwhile, he identifies the rebellious sporting spirit in Ramudu when she jumps into a fight with Zonal boxing judges. He then decides to train her to a world-class boxer further.

*Although, the coach-student relation doesn’t get nourished between them in the beginning, she later understands Adi’s commitment and intentions towards her with Boxing. The major selection event at Dharmashala turns out in giving a turning point to the story, which shouldn’t be missed on screen.

Plus Points:-
*Venkatesh stole the show playing a versatile role with his remarkable performance in a rough makeover.
*Just like the original, Rithika gives an outstanding performance,
*Director did not replace some looks/costumes to maintain the same empathy in the originals.
*Sudha KP Sensibly portrayed jealousy and insecure attitude in female players. Each and every detailing in the script and scene echoes director sudha’s vision and effort in bending the story visually.
*Thanikella Bharani, Zakir Hussain, Raghu Babu and Anita Chowdary have easefully performed their roles. Imprinting the same portray of scenes and dialogues justify the term “Remake”.

Minus Points:-
*Most buzzed Jingidi Jingidi song was well portrayed but could be avoided a sit didn’t much match with Aditya character in the film.
*Audience easily identify movie getting dull in some areas, though makers intend to carry-on the emotions into the public.
*Least preference to entertainment might miss out catching the pulse of mass audience.

Technical Points:-
*Music Composed by Santhosh Narayan for three versions of the film is worth compliments and applause.
*Movie being depicted as a sports drama, heavy emotional and narration climax sequences puts up a smile on audience face.

Venky’s best ever performance in his career till date. Letting the story choose the lead as per the scene, Venkatesh pulled off his heroism in the scenes depicted on him. Ritika and Venkatesh’s racy boxing matches and sets will surely woe overseas audience too. Guru is a must watch for this summer to witness Venkatesh’s Toughest comeback.

Director : Sudha Kongara Prasad
Producer : S. Shashikant
Music Director : Santhosh Narayanan
Starring : Venkatesh, Ritika Singh