Guess this actor - who is part of 'Appatlo Okaduvundevadu'

Guess this actor - who is part of 'Appatlo Okaduvundevadu'

Guess this actor - who is part of 'Appatlo Okaduvundevadu'

These days, directors are coming up with unique and creative titles. Ayyare fame director Sagar Chandra is helming movie and the subject line is an inspiration of Mahabharat. The title of the film has been announced as 'Appatlo Okaduvundevadu' and aroused curiosity among moviegoers.

Now, the movie unit has launched a unique contest to win gifts for the winners. A poster has been released to guess the actor appearing on it. This artiste has done a role in this film. Those who are able to guess the actor can answer to the WhatsApp number (7093909777).

Recently, the unit has wrapped up entire shooting part of the film and moved to post-production formalities. Makers are planning to release it in the month of October. It looks like director wants to drive something unique with this title.

Details of the film kept it under wraps for unknown reasons. However, they might reveal as the movie has completed shooting.

Sagar Chandra’s Ayyare was just an average flick at the box-office where Rajendra Prasad played the main lead. But, the director got full marks for his directorial skills. After taking a considerable gap, he is coming up with a unique subject which is expected to impress all sections of audiences.

We need to wait and see whether 'Appatlo Okaduvundevadu' has enough stuff to entertain audiences.

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