Goutham Nanda Review: Get Ready To Be Disappointed!

Goutham Nanda Review: Get Ready To Be Disappointed!

Goutham Nanda Review: Get Ready To Be Disappointed!

Cast: Gopichand, Hansika Motwani, Catherine Tresa

Director: Sampath Nandi

Music Director: S Thaman

The teasers and trailer of this film portrayed a colorful picture, something that Sampath Nandi could afford. He lured us into believing that we would witness something extraordinary, but alas, we’re left with nothing but disappointment in our heart!

Goutham Nanda is a tale of two people who are identical, not by birth. Goutham a.k.a Gopichand is a billionaire, whose father gives him a year’s time to do all he wants and basically just enjoy life to the fullest. Nanda (also played by Gopichand) on the other hand is a lower-middle class boy with big dreams – he wants to die rich, but has a father who criticizes him.

And one fine day when the two bump into each other, they narrate the stories of their respective lives and decide to swap places for 30 days.

In the process, Goutham goes through self-discovery and he solves the problems of Nanda’s family one-by-one. Meanwhile, Nanda gets obsessed by the riches and lavish lifestyle, only to later learn that all that glitters is not gold.

The first half of the film will get you zapped until the entry of Vennela Kishore and Bithri Sathi, who will manage to make you chuckle a couple of times. And everything else goes about in just the same pace until the final twist is revealed, which is the only bearable part of the film.

Gopichand puts his best effort, he has a visible make-over, but the plot of just so mundane and overtly boring that it overpowers his performance. Hansika, who plays a lower middle-class girl, was probably a wrong choice because even with her natural looks she doesn’t look poor. Catherine Tresa, on the other hand, looks quite glamorous.

It’s a ridiculous storyline that several filmmakers have adapted over the years, but this version is probably the worst since it lacks mind and vision, and offers nothing new