Fans opinion on Gautami Putra Shatakarni Trailer: Krish, Balakrishna

Fans opinion on Gautami Putra Shatakarni Trailer: Krish, Balakrishna

The most awaited Historical Magnum Opus directed by Krish Jagarlamudi starring Nandamuri Balakrishna released its most awaited trailer now.

Earlier released teaser grabbed the attention of the Film industries, as it had worth watching Visual effects and spine chilling dialogues of Balakrishna receiving applause from critiques.

Considering the nerving expectations on further note, Gautami putra Satakarni team released Gautami Putra Shatakarni trailer on 16th December 2016 @5:30PM in YouTube.

Now as the trailer is out, here is the heart full opinion of ardent fan of Balayya..,

*Words are not enough to express the anxiety and happiness, after watching the nerving teaser. Just a brief on every feature in the trailer could satisfy my ease.

*Balayya’s warrior look has been portrayed like never before in Tollywood industry. Best regards to epic director Krish for taking Balayya’s screen presence to a whole new level.

*Though many other Fictional and Non-fictional warrior films blended in Tollywood market, undoubtedly Gautami Putra Shatakarni will rough their mark in Records.

*If not Balayya, who can do this? No one! The play of magisterial screen presence aptly fits to Balayya’s gesture.

*It feels like, Krish Jagarlamudi known for his Virtuous dialogues and screenplay has immersed his technical and ethical brilliance totally in the script.

*The visual effects and grandeur in the trailer reflected the uncompromised production and Technical values.

*Bollywood actress Hema malini has exalted her performance in cameo role of Gautami.

*Shriya Saran has beautifully depicted her characterization of agony and outraging scenes.

*Spine chilling war sequences would be the highlight of the movie.

So far, it has recorded the fastest 1 million views for a telugu trailer, tending to break many other records prevailing since times in Tollywood.

This Epic Drama Gautami Putra Shatakarni is estimated to hit the screens on January 12th, 2017.

#Proud to be a fan of Balayya and Indian cinema.