Dhruva Theatrical Trailer Dialogues Review

Ram Charan’s vibrant come back with the Dhruva is the most buzzed topic in TFI till now.

Earlier hit Firstlook, Trailer and Juke Box are trending on YouTube now.

Gearing up its happiness Dhruva theatrical trailer hit YouTube screens now. No doubt, it’s going to be the must watch video for Online boozers right now!

Framing various dialogues that resonated in the trailer here is an Exclusive review of it..,

“Naku oka imporatant goal undi.. evadini kodite vanda mandi criminals antam avutaro.. aa criminal ne nenu antam cheyali.. I’m coming”

This dialogue portrays a powerful content of the story screening powerful police officer character.

“Ee love idanta naku set avvadu..na mind na focus anta vere”

Simply it portrays a love track that would in-script in a serious film.

“1st time vadiki debba tagalabotundi.. veedu konchem interesting ga unnadu.”

The suspense play between Ram Charan Tej and Aravind Swamy is accurately pinned in this dialogue nerving interest in the concept.

“Yeppudu manchi matrame cheyadam aa Devudu ki kuda sadyam kadu.. ne lanti criminal past present future ni naama rupalu lekunda chesta.. Love you sweet heart”

Simply the storyline, concept and suspense mark of the movie is lined up in these vibrant dialogues of Ram Charan Tej and Aravind Swamy.

Undoubtedly Dhruva stands to be the most watched trending trailer now…!!!