Answering “What’s so special” in Bullitera Awards from others?

Answering “What’s so special” in Bullitera Awards from others?

Films have been playing a major role in entertaining us since a long run. Silver screen being an off spring of big screen didn’t disappoint in engaging audience to Televisions in its span.

There were people and will always be, who are passionate on acting/working on Big screen and couldn’t make it happen. Such unsung artists find their chance to test their fortune through Small screens as character artists, lead artists and supporting roles.

Undoubtedly, those under-rated artists deserve homage with in a limelight event like Bullitera Awards.

*Just like the homage awarded to Cine talents at Award functions, similar cultural and visual epitome is followed in regards to small screen talents in Bullitera Awards.
*Amid many other award functions, we came up with a momentous feature of bringing sundry Telugu Television channels at one homage platform.
*With the catalogue of various categories in artistry, ideal choices are awarded with adulation here.
*Also there is a specific motive of helping penurious artists of Television industry with these awards.
*Unlike other Award functions, famed Advertising agency VB Entertainments provides a complete media engaging portfolio for the event.
*Telugu Television artists associated with the event management voluntarily, to support the motive behind Bullitera Awards.
*As the event has proved to be success in first season of Bullitera Awards, existing event would include Bullitera Awards 2016 along with VB Entertainments 2nd Anniversary felicitation by guests.
*Also the event is commencing at the most popular venue depicted as the heart of Tollywood film industry, Hyderabad.
*Timing of the event is slated as 18th December @5:30PM and Annapurna Studios (7 acres) would be the venue.
*Interestingly, Online Partner Filmievents is providing a chance to witness the event by winning the entry pass. Follow Filmievents on FB for detailed updates about it.

However, the guest of honor, Sponsors, Associates, Chief guests and Media associates will be revealed in next article soon. Stay tuned on us to grab the chance.

Portfolio: Bullitera Awards 2016.
Venue: Annapurna Studios (7 acres).