Katamarayudu Pre-Release Event: Ali Reveals about his Satire

As Pawan Kalyan Katamarayudu Release date has been officially announced on 24th March a Grand Pre-Release event was scheduled on 18th March @ 6 pm at a grand venue in Hyderabad Shilpakalaa Vedika. Despite Pawan Kalyan Fans & Followers along with Trivikram, Bandla Ganesh and TV9 Prakash no other Movie Celebrities graced the Katamarayudu Pre-release Event.

However, as part of guest speeches during the Pre-Release function Katamarayudu Producer Sharath Marrar has elevated Pawan Kalyan with praises. He even mentioned about Pawan Kalyan’s attire and looks. He quoted that “Pawan Kalyan looks fabulous in Panche Kattu but he looked more stylish and handsome in Suite during the Harvard University visit” said Sharath.

Ali Comments in Katamarayudu Pre-Release Event

Comedian Ali, who is known for his sarcastic attitude on and off screen, has been hosting the event along with anchor Suma on the Katamarayudu Pre-release Event eve. As part of entertaining audience, he landed several sensible jokes on the cast and team of Katamarayudu consequently. One such moment created hilarious haul in crowd and immensely tickled Pawan Kalyan, making him to cry of laughter. Despite the post arrangements it was unrevealed till this morning.

Ali Comments Revealed

On a lighter Note In an interview today, Ali finally revealed that “I Didn’t know it would create buzz, I just did that by my sarcastic nerve saying “Antha Pogudthunaaru Inkoo Pelli Chesthara enti” while Sharath Marrar was going all praises to Pk. I didn’t know, it would tickle Pawan Kalyan so much”. Here is the Video of Sharath Marrar Speech in Katamarayudu Pre-release Event ..,